Structural strengthening system consisting of pultruded plates In high-strength carbon fibre and epoxy resins to bond the  Plates (frp) covered by certificate of technical assessment (cvt)

N° 206/2019 classes c150/230 – c190/1800 – c200/1800

Where to use: 

This system is recommended for the repair and structural strengthening of under-dimensioned or damaged reinforced concrete, steel and wooden elements, to improve the flexural strength of reinforced concrete and wooden elements and to upgrade or improve the seismic capacity of structures in high risk areas.

Some application examples:

  • Repair and static upgrading of reinforced concrete beams, floor joists and floor slabs to integrate the section resistant to flexural loads.

  • Flexural strengthening of wooden beams and joists.

  • Repairing structures damaged by fire. • Repairing structures damaged by earthquakes.

  • Renovating two-dimensional structures such as plates, sheets and storage tanks with a large radius.

  • Strengthening the deck of viaducts after increasing their static and/or dynamic loads. Strengthening industrial and/ or commercial structures after increasing their static loads following the installation of new machinery, equipment, etc.

  • Strengthening vehicle access ramps in civil and industrial buildings.

  • Strengthening structures subjected to vibrations.

  • Strengthening load-bearing members in buildings whose structural system has been modified due to new architectural requirements or change in use.

Packaging: CARBOPLATE is supplied in a cardboard box containing 1 roll x 25 metres long.

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