DMA 2000

Universal form release agent with chemical and physical action.
DMA 2000 is used for all types of timber, iron, steel aluminium and plastic form, to provide a perfect release of the form from cast concrete.
The use of DMA 2000 results in clean faced concrete without grease stains, even when white cements are used. DMA 2000 is also recommended for steam-cured concrete.
DMA 2000 is based on synthetic oils and special additives, together with corrosion inhibitors.
Characterized by high fluidity,
DMA 2000 is a ready to use product and therefore no water or solvents need to be added before application.
Apply DMA 2000 by brush or spray with a portable pump.
20-40 g/m2 depending on the type of form used.
200 l, 23 and 4.5 kg drums. 1000 l tanks.
Also available in bulk on request.

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