Dynamon XTend W300 N

Dynamon XTend W300 N is a liquid admixture for high quality concrete, specially formulated to make concrete with a low water/cement ratio and a good maintenance of workability.

Where to use:
Thanks to its special, innovative formulation, Dynamon XTend W300 N is an efficient agent used to disperse cement particles, so that the amount of water required for mixing is considerably reduced. Compared to normal concrete without admixtures, Dynamon XTend W300 N may be used to design concrete mixes with more than 20% water reduction, a good workability time, and negligible loss in workability while being transported and unloaded on site. Dynamon XTend W300 N is particularly suitable for the following: ▪ the production of high quality, ready-mix concrete which complies with the prescriptions in the EN 206-1 standards; ▪ the production of high and very high strength concrete with a consistency class of S4-S5 and SCC (Self Compacting Concrete).

Supplied in bulk quantities and 1,000 l tanks.

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