Two-component, high-performance, highly-deformable, quick-setting and drying cementitious adhesive with no vertical slip and extended open time for ceramic tiles and stone material.

Where to use:

Bonding to internal and external walls and floors of all types and sizes of ceramic tiles (single-fired, double-fired, porcelain, clinker, terracotta, etc.), natural stone (marble, granite, etc.) and artificial materials which are slightly sensitive to humidity (class B MAPEI dimensional stability standard) which require the use of a fast-drying adhesive.

Some application examples:

  • Laying ceramic and stone floor coverings which are subject to intense traffic.

  • Quick repair operations where the floor needs to be put into service immediately (public buildings, motorway service areas, supermarkets, airports and pedestrian areas). Compared with other fast-setting adhesives, the longer pot-life of Elastorapid makes it easier to apply even during hot weather.

  • Laying tiles on deformable substrates: exterior grade plywood, minimum of P5 grade chipboard, old wooden floors, etc.

  • Quick laying or repair of tiled finishes in places such as swimming pools, refrigeration units, industrial plants (breweries, wine cellars, dairies etc.).

  • Laying large-sized ceramic and stone tiles on façades, balconies, terraces, and sun-roofs and patios which are subject to direct sunlight and thermal gradients.

  • Laying tiles in areas subject to high mechanical stresses and vibration (railway underpasses, underground railway platforms, etc.).

  • Laying tiles on concrete substrates and pre-cast walls.

  • Laying large-format tiles on heated screeds or on top of existing floor coverings in ceramic, terrazzo, marble, etc.

  • Laying tiles on surfaces waterproofed with Mapei waterproofing systems.

  • Laying stone material which is sensitive to stains (white Carrara, etc.).


Elastorapid is available in either a white or grey colour.

Elastorapid white: 25 kg kit, comprising:

component A: 20 kg bag;

component B: 5 kg drum.

Elastorapid grey: 25 kg kit, comprising:

component A: 20 kg bag;

component B: 5 kg drum.

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