Esterflex SBS is a high performance membrane modified with elastomeric bitumen offering low temperature flexibility.

Esterflex SBS torch-on is a range of polyester based torch-on cap sheets & underlay, coated with a high quality polymer modified SBS bitumen coating. The underside of Esterflex SBS and Mineral Esterflex SBS is protected by Polyflam, a special polyethylene film which melts upon torching. In the mineral version the top surface is protected by a uniform layer of slate chippings and has a lateral selvedge for overlapping making application fast and secure. 

Esterflex SBS underlay is protected by Polyflam on both the top and underside thus providing a bitumen rich surface when torching applying the Esterflex SBS cap sheet Esterflex SBS torch-on membranes provide reliable and effective flat roof waterproofing, combining the qualities of excellent performance, good handling characteristics and economy. 

Esterflex SBS membranes exhibit excellent dimensional and mechanical stability making them suitable as part of a built-up system, or as a refurbishment overlay to existing asphalt or selected surface bitumen membranes. 

Features and benefits:

  • Torch-on application.

  • Strong rot resistant base fabric.

  • Flexible SBS elastomeric modified bitumen.

  • Low temperature flexibility -15°C.

  • Cost effective performance.

  • 10 year Product Warranty.

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