Hydrophilic, expanding rubber profiles for waterproof working joints.

Where to use: For creating watertight construction joints in civil, industrial, and hydraulic construction.

Application examples:

  • Waterproof joints between concrete beds and elevation walls.

  • Contact joints between different types of materials, e.g. PVC or steel tubing going through poured concrete in swimming pools, sewage-treatment tanks, reservoirs, and hydraulic projects in general.

  • Waterproof construction joints where conventional water-stop cannot be installed easily and securely because of the high density of the reinforcing.

  • Waterproof construction joints in tunnels, dams and hydraulic projects including reservoirs for drinking water.


  • Idrostop cannot be installed if the structure is immersed in water at the time of application. Remove any free water from the surface and wait several hours before installing the strip. 

  • Idrostop cannot be used if the surface of the installation is heavily contaminated with acids or solvents. Clean the surface thoroughly and consult the MAPEI Technical Assistance.

Packaging: Idrostop is available in 3 sizes in cartons:

  • Idrostop 10 (20x10 mm): six 10 m rolls.

  • Idrostop 15 (20x15 mm): six 7 m rolls.

  • Idrostop 25 (20x25 mm): six 5 m rolls.

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