Active water-stop to seal concrete construction joints with hydro-static pressure resistance

Idrostop B25 N is a water-stop material, composed of a mix of sodium bentonite & butyl rubber which reacts with water to seal construction joints within concrete. The seal resists hydro-static pressure, stopping the passage of water through the joint

Where to use:
▪ Construction joints within in-situ reinforced concrete structures.
▪ New to existing concrete construction.
▪ Sealing between different types of material, for example PVC and steel pipes, which pass through concrete swimming pools, depuration tanks, storage basins and general hydraulic works.

▪ Sealing elements which pass through Mapeproof HW N, such as pipe-work, foundation piles, etc.
▪ Sealing boxed out penetrations.

Packaging: Idrostop B25 N is supplied in: Section: 25x20mm 6x rolls of 5m in a cardboard box with a total of 30m per box.

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Technical data sheet
BDA Agrément Certificate

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