Sodic bentonite for civil engineering

Mapebent CBS4 is a natural sodic bentonite suitable for every civil engineering application.

Where to use:

Mapebent CBS4 is suitable to be used in every field of civil engineering, in particular when it is necessary to obtain a quick activation of the bentonite in water and when the mix must be characterised both by easy pumpability and high volumetric stability.
In particular the main application fields are:

▪ mix for back-filling in order to fill the gap between segments, liner and soil in excavation with TBM;
▪ mix suitable for microtunnelling or pipe-jacking;
▪ mix for injections for waterproofing and consolidating grouting;

▪ drilling fluid able to sustain the excavation of vertical walls in case of: micro-pales, d-walls, etc.;
▪ mix to be used in tunnelling with Hydro-Shield and Slurry-Shield TBMs.

Packaging: Mapebent CBS4 is available in bags of 25 kg, big bag and bulk.

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