Curing compound in water emulsion.
Mapecure E is used to protect fresh concrete from rapid water evaporation caused by wind or sunlight. Its use is especially suitable for floors, airport runways, hydraulic structures and motorways to avoid cracking due to plastic shrinkage.
Mapecure E forms a slightly elastic film over the concrete that is watertight and vapour-proof.
Mapecure E is supplied in a white water emulsion that can be applied pure or diluted 1:1 with water. It can be applied with a manual back-pack pump or with a low pressure compressed air gun.
Application: spray.
full-strength: 70 to 100 g/m2.
diluted: 1:1 by volume with water: 140-200 g/m2.
25 kg drums;
200 l drums;
1000 l tanks.

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