One-component acrylic sealant in aqueous dispersion. 

Where to use: 

Mapeflex AC4 is used to seal internal and external expansion and construction joints subject to a medium amount of movement and surface cracks in all types of absorbent building materials.

Some application examples:

  • Seal joints between precast concrete panels with movement up to 12.5%.

  • Seals between precast concrete panels, wood and plasterboard.

  • Seals between concrete elements, plaster, brickwork, light-weight cement, wood, natural stone, etc.

  • Airtight and waterproof seals between wooden frames and masonry.

  • Flexible tight seals between doors, roller-blind caissons and masonry, and between walls, ceilings, wooden panels and insulation panels.

  • Sealing joints between insulation panels and external building features (doorsteps, windows, window-sills, cornices, etc.) in thermal cladding systems.

Packaging: Mapeflex AC4 is available in 310 ml cartridges, 550 ml soft cartridges and 25 kg buckets in white and in grey.

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