Mapegrout Hi-Flow

Controlled-shrinkage fibre-reinforced fluid grout for concrete repair.
Use Mapegrout Hi-Flow for all concrete repairs that require the use of fluid mortars, such as reinforced concrete beams and columns and floors. Made from cement binders, graded aggregate, special additives and synthetic fibres, Mapegrout
Hi-Flow is prepared by mixing a 25 kg bag with 3.6-4 litres of water, depending on the consistency required. The mix is poured into sealed formwork. Care must be taken to let air escape in order to prevent air-bubbles. Thicknesses up to 2 cm can be repaired with Mapegrout
Hi-Flow. For greater thicknesses, the addition of appropriately graded aggregate is recommended.
20 kg/m2 per cm of thickness.
25 kg bags.

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