Sulphate-resistant thixotropic fibre-reinforced mortar for the repair of concrete.

Use Mapegrout T60 to repair damaged concrete surfaces such as balconies and corners of columns and beams.

Mapegrout T60 is also recommended for repair work in tunnels, canals and water works in general. Mapegrout T60, mixed with about 16% water, forms a very workable mortar with a thixotropic consistency that is easily applied on vertical surfaces without shuttering.

Mapegrout T60 is applied by trowel, float or plaster sprayer on damp supports that are solid and free of loose sections, which have previously been saturated with water.

Where to use:

Repair of degraded concrete structures or reinforced concrete structures subject to sulphate attack.

Some application examples:

Canal linings, hydraulic works, and tunnels that require resistance to sulphate attack.
Repair and reconstruction of concrete coverings damaged by corroded reinforcing bars.
Filling of rigid joints (e.g. between base and column, cracks in floors, joints between walls, etc.).
Repair of precast structures. 

Packaging: 25 kg bags.

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