Pure zinc anodes dressed with a special conductive paste, for galvanic cathodic protection against corrosion of reinforcement rods in new structures and in structures requiring repair. Mapeshield I anodes are composed of a zinc core coated with special activating paste which maintains their efficiency over the years. The anodes are applied in structures where corrosion is already present or where corrosion could be easily formed. They prevent the formation of newly-formed corrosion and reduce/block corrosion phenomenon already under way. The degree of protection depends on the number of anodes applied and the density of the reinforcement in the structure. Thanks to the metallic connections, the anodes may be installed easily and quickly on the reinforcement rods. Once installed, the zinc contained in the anodes is consumed thanks to the difference in electric potential between the two metals to keep the reinforcement rods clean and protected over the years.
Packaging - Mapeshield I 10/10: boxes of 24 pieces; - Mapeshield I 10/20: boxes of 24 pieces; - Mapeshield I 30/10: boxes of 12 pieces; - Mapeshield I 30/20: boxes of 12 pieces.

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