Three-component fluid epoxy mortar for anchorage work.

Where to use: Planigrout 300 is an epoxy mortar specifically developed for fixing structural elements, structural repairs and structural fillings which are also subject to stress due to dynamic loads.

Some application examples:

  • Repair and structural reinforcement of beams and columns by casting into formworks.
  • Re-profiling and waterproofing pipe caps (PCT).
  • Rebuilding and renovation of crumbled joints in industrial floors.
  • Repairing bridge-crane runways.
  • Repair of joints between concrete slabs in deteriorated industrial floors (butt joints).
  • Filling of large holes in concrete floors and slabs.
  • Foundations for presses and general heavy machinery.
  • Evening-out of the surfaces of support elements for the bearing of bridge beams.
  • Structural fixing of tie-rod fasteners and bolts in existing concrete structures, stone, rock and steel subject to


Packages of 12.2 kg: component A = kg 1.6; component B = kg 0.6; component C = kg 10.

Packages of kg 36.6: component A = kg 4.8; component B = kg 1.8; component C = kg 30.

Maximum dimension of aggregate: 2 mm.
Mixing ratio:
comp. A : comp. B : comp. C = 16 : 6 : 100.
Pot life of mix: 1 hour (at 23°C).
Maximum applicable thickness: 5 cm per layer.
Classification: EN 1504-6.
Storage: 12 months.
Application: pouring.
Consumption: 2 kg/m² per mm of thickness.
12.2 kg kits:
– 1.6 kg drums (comp. A);
– 0.6 kg drums (comp. B);
– 10 kg bags (comp. C).
36.6 kg units:
– 4.8 kg drums (comp. A);
– 1.8 kg drums (comp. B);
– 30 kg bags (comp. C).

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