Two-component epoxy primer with fillers. May be coloured with Mapecolor Paste.

Where to use: 

Primer SN has been specifically formulated to carry out preliminary priming treatments on surfaces before applying epoxy and polyurethane resin systems from the Mapefloor range, self-levelling cementitious mortars from the Ultratop/Ultratop Living range and of Ultratop Loft, to protect and coat civil and industrial floors, terrazzo floors and cementitious substrates in general.

Some application examples:

  • Adhesion promoter for epoxy and polyurethane coating products in general.

  • Adhesion promoter for self-levelling and/or multi-layered coating products.

  • Adhesion promoter for flooring made from synthetic mortar.

  • Adhesion promoter for coatings from the Ultratop, Ultratop Living and Ultratop Loft ranges.

  • Fluid adhesive to seal cracks and make structural bonds.


5 kg kits: component A = 4 kg;

component B = 1 kg.

20 kg kits: component A = 16 kg;

component B = 4 kg.

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