Pulicol 2000 is made from a mixture of unchlorinated solvents in gel form. It is easy to apply with a spatula or by brush and gives off very little odour. Pulicol 2000 has high detachment capacity on films of resin-based adhesives and varnishes within just a few minutes of application. It’s ideal for removing old natural and synthetic resin-based adhesives, paint and grouts/grout residue. 

Where to use:

  • Removing old adhesive from floors e.g. marble, ceramic tile, wood, concrete, cementitious levelling coats, metal, etc.

  • Removing old adhesive from ceramic tiles and mosaic, marble, concrete, wood, gypsum, metal, fibrous concrete, etc.

  • Removing paint from the surface of metal, wood, concrete, etc.

Packaging: Available in 2.5 and 0.7 kg drums.

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