Super fluid single component polyurethane injection resin for waterproofing concrete or masonry structures, grounds, and rocks subject to also intense water percolation with variable adjustable setting times.
Resfoam 1 KM is a single component polyurethane resin free of halogens that is able to react in the presence of water by forming a foam.
Resfoam 1 KM must be mixed with 10-20% Resfoam 1 KM accelerator.
Thanks to its high fluidity, Resfoam 1 KM penetrates several hundred micron thick cracks and can seal them even if they are subject to water infiltrations.
After its reaction, which occurs after 40-80 seconds depending on the temperature and the amount of added accelerator, the Resfoam 1 KM foam becomes semi-rigid and watertight.
approximately 1 kg of mixture (0.9 kg of resin plus 0.1 kg of accelerator) per 50 litres of cavity to be filled in free expansion.
– Resfoam 1 KM:
10 kg drums.
– Resfoam 1 KM AKS:
1 kg drums.

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