One-component, silylated polymer-based adhesive for decorative fiberglass and wallpaper in wet areas, even on non-absorbent substrates. In combination with the protective polyurethane finish MAPECOAT DÉCOR PROTECTION, it makes it possible to install decorative fiberglass and wallpaper (as long as it is on a water resistant backing) in damp environments such as the inside of showers, creating a particularly suitable system in case of refurbishment without the need to demolish the existing wall covering.

Product Properties

  • Very easy to apply by trowel and roll.
  • Excellent wetting.
  • Low consumption.
  • Long open time.
  • Makes it possible to adjust the sheets.
  • Colorless, anti-yellowing and resistant to UV, it doesn’t stain the sheets and the joints.
  • Fast setting.
  • EMICODE EC1 Plus (very low emission).

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Technical data sheet

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