Water-based product for the protection of cementitious grouts.

Water-based product for the protection of cementitious grouts.


  • Does not alter appearance, colour or shine of the surface and does not create a film over it
  • Dries quickly
  • The product grants durable stain protection. The treatment can be repeated over time
  • Has excellent UV stability and retains good protective capacities even after multiple washings

Where to use:

UltraCare Grout Protector is a stain-resistant protector specifically formulated for joints sealed with cementitious grouts and for polished porcelain tiles.


The product is not suitable for treating surfaces different from those specified (use other products of the UltraCare range, referring to the respective Technical Sata Sheets). Always carry out a preliminary test on a hidden sample area, to evaluate the aesthetic result before applying the product on the whole surface.

The treatment may be repeated after a certain period of time to maintain its effect, according to the type of material, the traffic load and wear level of the surface. Do not apply the product on exposed surfaces if rain is forecast within the next few hours after application.

UltraCare Grout Protector is applied on completely cured cementitious grouts which already underwent after-laying acid cleaning. Curing times vary according to the type of grout used for filling the joints (always refer to the respective Technical Data Sheet). If the product is used in interior, make sure the room is well aerated during application and drying.

Packaging: UltraCare Grout Protector is supplied in 0.75 litre bottles with spray.

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