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Waterproofing systems for your home

From the foundations to the roof: all Mapei waterproofing solutions to protect your home.

Mapei, who have always been particularly focused on the needs and requirements of both designers and the final users of buildings, proposes a comprehensive and original range of waterproofing systems that are ideal for use on private residential buildings, both new builds and homes that need to be restored or refurbished.

In the spotlight:

  • Complete system for waterproofing and repairing underground structures exposed to counter-pressure of water with an anti-condensation cycle with MAPEWALL + MAPENET EM30 / MAPENET EM40 + MAPEPROOF RANGE + MAPELASTIC FOUNDATION + POROMAP RANGE + SILANCOLOR RANGE.
  • Rapid system with no demolition work required for the application of waterproofing and installation of ceramic tiles on old balconies/terraces with MAPELASTIC TURBO + KERAQUICK MAXI S1 + ULTRACOLOR PLUS.
  • Coloured, ready-to-use waterproofing system for old tiled roofs with PURTOP EASY RANGE.
  • System for creating “green roofs" to be used as gardens or for growing produce with PURTOP LINE.



Quite often, spaces below ground level need to be exploited due to a lack of available building land and the high density of structures in built-up areas. This is why renovating constructions below ground level is quite common and is a solution that allows various types of structure to be created, such as service areas, extra living space, utility rooms, production areas and many more.

Structures below ground level, however, are in contact with moisture in the ground and with water percolating from the ground and need to be waterproofed to prevent leaks and infiltrations compromising their functionality and to guarantee their protection and durability.

Mapei has developed two different types of system for waterproofing and protecting structures below ground level.

  • MAPEPROOF: bentonite barriers consisting of two geofabrics in needle-punched polypropylene, with the upper layer in non-woven fabric and the lower layer in woven fabric, which form a sandwich around a uniform layer of natural sodium bentonite. The particular grain size of the bentonite, together with the type of non-woven geofabric used, guarantees that the bentonite saturates the non-woven fabric when it comes into contact with poured concrete. These properties make the MAPEPROOF barrier self-sealing and, when the special compound comes into contact with water or moisture in the ground, it is transformed into gel with excellent waterproofing properties.
  • MAPELASTIC FOUNDATION: a two-component, flexible cementitious mortar for waterproofing concrete surfaces subject to positive and negative water pressure. When the two components are mixed together, they form a plastic-consistency paste that is easy to apply with a roller or by spray, on both horizontal and vertical surfaces, in layers up to 2 mm thick.



Thanks to its constant, ongoing research into product innovation, the Mapei Group has a range of cutting-edge, long-lasting solutions available for end users that have been certified according to the most stringent standards.

The MAPELASTIC range has been available on the building products market for more than 30 years and is synonymous with reliable, guaranteed waterproofing.
MAPELASTIC, MAPELASTIC SMART and MAPELASTIC TURBO are elastic, cementitious waterproofing systems which, thanks to their content of high quality synthetic resins, maintain their high elasticity in all weather conditions, thereby ensuring their characteristics remain stable over the years.

The high level of adhesion of MAPELASTIC, MAPELASTIC SMART and MAPELASTIC TURBO to various types of substrate means they may be used to waterproof new structures and to restore existing structures without having to remove the old covering material. And lastly, they are so versatile they can be used on various types of substrate and applied using different methods to meet the needs of every user.


To waterproof balconies and terraces, Mapei proposes the PURTOP EASY range: ready-mixed polyurethane-based products applied in one single coat.

The high elasticity and excellent adhesion of these products to substrates make them ideal for both new and existing structures, to guarantee a rapid, perfect waterproofing solution.

Highly versatile, the products from this range allow users to choose their preferred application method (by trowel or spray).

PURTOP EASY is a one-component, elastic polyurethane membrane for waterproofing both new and existing balconies, terraces, roofs and pedestrian areas. On the PURTOP EASY layer you can apply a non-slip finish or a coloured finish.



The increasingly widespread attention to the environment and eco-sustainable building in general, along with the trend of reclaiming green areas within urban surroundings, has led designers to look for solutions that may be adopted to create green roofs to be used as gardens or for growing produce. Apart from reducing the visual impact of a building, this type of intervention also contributes in reducing its “heat-island” effect.

Mapei has developed a series of cutting-edge product systems, which comply with current European standards covering this sector and which have been tested by important research bodies and institutes, in order to create green roofs with excellent waterproofing properties.

And for these particular design requirements Mapei proposes PURTOP 400 M, a two-component, solvent-free, hybrid polyurea membrane applied by spray with a high-pressure, bi-mixer type pump, so that waterproofing membranes may be applied on bridge decks and roofs on site.


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