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N° 83 - 2/22/2021

Thermal insulation for a luxurious residential complex in Lisbon designed by Renzo Piano.

#waterproofing #wall coatings #insulation


N° 70 - 8/23/2018

For the Mapei technicians and engineers, it is vitally important they work alongside designers and provide their support during both the initial delicate phase of drawing up the building specifications, and then again when work is being carried out…

#residential #insulation #waterproofing


N° 63 - 7/12/2017

Sound absorption and soundproofing: these two concepts often cause confusion: sound-absorbing materials are chosen to improve the quality of a room’s acoustics (such as a concert hall), whereas materials with soundproofing characteristics are used…

#insulation #insights


N° 63 - 7/12/2017

Amongst the most important factors when choosing a hotel are silence and peace. For a hotel, clients can become regular users if it also offers surroundings which are quiet and peaceful. So we wanted to ask the architect Massimo Casadei from the…

#insulation #insights

The expert's opinion

N° 63 - 7/12/2017

Antonino Munafò, Acoustic Insulation Line Specialist for Mapei SpA, answers some questions on the topic: sound proofing and legal requirements

#insulation #insights

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