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Malaysia Projects Portfolio

Gazing into the star-studded skies lighting up Darul Hana Bridge in Kuching, training in the same swimming pools where the best international swimmers compete or taking a break in the Infinity Pool in famous old Equatorial Plaza Hotel in Kuala Lumpur.
We have gathered together some of Mapei’s best projects in Malaysia, so that we can present them in picture form: across-the-board know-how ranging from solutions for screeds underneath ceramic floors to the very best technology for waterproofing and protecting structures and systems for creating seamless polyurethane coatings over major infrastructures: this is the technical scenario behind striking Darul Hana Bridge, the National Aquatic Centre for water sports in Kuala Lumpur, the offices of Air Asia airline in Sepang, and Equatorial Plaza in the capital of Malaysia.

Darul Hana Bridge

Kuching, Sarawak

Construction of the Darul Hana Golden Bridge was commissioned in 2013 to mark the golden anniversary of Sarawak’s union with Malaya and Sabah to form the country of Malaysia.

It is 330 m long and winds and twists its way over the Sarawak River, supported by two steel piles pointing outwards and upwards, with their end sin the form of a stylised head of a hornbill, the symbol of the state of Sarawak.

The bridge, has a 3 m wide pavement for pedestrians and two viewing platforms, which needed a durable coating with a non-slip finish and good resistance to chemical and atmospheric agents.

The solution proposed by Mapei involved the application of PRIMER SN, two-component fillerized epoxy primer, which was mixed with QUART Z 0.5 and applied in a scratch coat, and then broadcast with sand to create the necessary mechanical grip for the following operations. This was followed by the application of MAPECOAT CF AP*, a coloured polyurethane coating, and MAPEFLOOR FINISH 57* polyurethane coating.


National Aquatic Centre

Kuala Lumpur

The modernisation of the National Aquatic Centre in Kuala Lumpur was part of a more comprehensive re-development project for Kuala Lumpur Sports City in preparation for the 2017 South East Asian Games. The works included the installation of new waterproofing layers and ceramic tiles in the pools used for various aquatic sports.

The selection of high-quality Italian tiles led to the choice of an adhesive system that would be able to guarantee the durability and performance properties of the covering.

Mapei Malaysia was able to propose a complete system of products to carry out the entire work cycle: from products to prepare the substrates (TOPCEM PRONTO and NIVOPLAN) to waterproofing products for these surfaces (MAPELASTIC, MAPELASTIC SMART, MAPENET 150, MAPEBAND and MAPEBAND TPE), and from products to bond the tiles (KERABOND + ISOLASTIC 50* and KERAFLEX) to grouts for joints (KERAPOXY and ULTRACOLOR PLUS).


Equatorial Plaza

Kuala Lumpur

The original Equatorial Plaza Hotel, built in the 1970’s, had been an iconic feature in the skyline of Kuala Lumpur over the decades and was renown for its restaurants.

The architects from the GDP design studio had intended renovating the hotel but they ended up giving it a completely new look, creating two distinctive, interlacing, high-rise towers tha thouse both the hotel and offices.

Mapei products were chosen to install the high quality floor and wall coverings and ensured compliance with the requirements of GBI (Green Building Index) Malaysia Gold Standard.

KERAFLEX, KERAFLEX MAXI S1, KERABOND T + ISOLASTIC 50*, ADESILEX PG2 TG* and KERASET + PLANICRETE SP1* adhesive systems were used to bond granite, marble and ceramic floor and wall coverings in the lobby, bathrooms and swimming pools.

The joints inside the complex were grouted with KERACOLOR SF, while the KERACOLOR FF + FUGOLASTIC grouting system was used for the joints in the swimming pools.


AirAsia Offices


AirAsia is a Malaysian low-cost air line and the largest in Asia in terms of number of passengers carried and size of the fleet.

The company’s main hub is KLIA2 airport in Sepang. A new home for Air-Asia’s global headquarters, nick-named “Red Quarters” (after the logo’s colour) and located near KLIA2, was opened in November 2016 housing a staff of over 2,000. Construction work on the 6-storey building to house the company offices, as well as a restaurant, canteen, coffee shop, car park, gymnasium and other service areas, started in May 2015.

Mapei systems were chosen for 15,000m 2 of flooring in the entrance hall, coffee shop, bar and work stations that would provide aesthetic appeal as well as guarantee a certain level of resistance and durability.

The system included the application of PRIMER SN two-component, fillerized epoxy primer, MAPEFLOOR I 302 SL two-component, epoxy formulate, and MAPECOAT CF-AP*, a protective finish distributed in Malaysia by Mapei Malaysia.

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