Location icon Ascot Vale (Melbourne), Ausztrália
In 2018 the Moonee Valley City Council (MVCC) released tender documentation for the Demolition, Design and Reconstruction of the 11 existing tennis and netball courts on the site and replacing these with 16 fully compliant multi lined courts capable of servicing Tennis and Netball at a competition standard with an acrylic finish, fencing, LED lighting and ancillary items including posts, sleaves and nets. The previous 11 courts comprised a combination of ‘sand-filled artificial grass’ as well as acrylic surfacing. Whilst the courts were servicing the sports of tennis and netball within the region, the overall sub-standard condition of the courts meant that the venue was no longer comparable with similar sized medium to large sized venues based in and around the surrounding suburbs of Melbourne, Australia. From a tennis perspective, the combination of synthetic grass on some courts and old worn, uneven and cracked acrylic courts on other courts; meant that the venue was fast becoming unsuitable to hold sanctioned tennis tournaments at any level. Even for inter-club competition and social tennis levels, the courts’ performance and aesthetics had become undesirable by comparison with newer and more modern tennis centre venues. From a netball perspective, the seven (7) old worn acrylic tennis courts that were also multi-lined for the sport of netball did not have sufficient clear space run-off and therefore were non-compliant based on Netball Australia standards. Furthermore, the overall condition of the old courts’ substrates and worn acrylic surfacing had passed its useful life in terms of providing sureness of footing for the netball players. Sports Field & Court Construction Company and Mapei Sports System Technology customer ‘Turf One Pty Ltd’ was named as the successful tenderer to undertake the project to demolish, design and reconstruct with new concrete bases. Following demolition and reconstruction of new concrete based courts; Turf One Pty Ltd sub-contracted the acrylic surfacing works to fellow Mapei TNS customer & approved applicator ‘King of Courts Pty Ltd’ who subsequently installed the Mapecoat TNS Professional system – consisting of Mapecoat I 600 W Primer, Mapecoat TNS White Base Coat and Mapecoat TNS Finish 1. An important consideration from a tennis perspective was to have a colour combination that closely resembled those used at the Australian Open. As such, the courts were completed in the two-tone blue colour combination matching the ‘Velocity Blue’ and ‘True Blue’ as per used at the Australian Open tennis event. In terms of netball, the selection and application of Mapecoat TNS Finish-1 topcoat means that new acrylic surface has the necessary slip resistance properties – even in damp conditions – as is a requirement for the unique sport of netball. In addition, the well thought out design and reconstruction means that the netball courts at this venue are now fully compliant with Netball Australia standards in terms of clear run-off and space between courts. As a result of the design skills and civil expertise of principal contractor ‘Turf One Pty Ltd’ along with the expert acrylic application of surfacing sub-contractor ‘King of Courts Pty Ltd’; the newly designed and reconstructed courts at Riverside Tennis and Netball Centre will now service future generations for many years to come.
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Kategória: Sport létesítmény


Felhasználási terület tennis courts and netball courts
Hely Ascot Vale (Melbourne), Ausztrália
Alkategória Golf Klub, Tennis pálya
Alkalmazás Installation of Mapecoat System on tennis courts and netball courts
Surface Preparation sequence; • Clean and prep new concrete bases post 28 days curing using a combination of mechanical (diamond) grinding and high-pressure water blasting. Surfacing System sequence; • Apply ‘Mapecoat I 600 W Primer’ to courts. • Minor patching & levelling of new concrete surface as required using Mapecoat TNS White Base Coat • Apply ‘Mapecoat TNS Finish 1 – Velocity Blue’ to the centre of courts. (First ‘finish’ coat) • Apply ‘Mapecoat TNS Finish 1 – Velocity Blue’ to the centre of courts. (Second ‘finish’ Coat) • Apply ‘Mapecoat TNS Finish 1 – True Blue’ to the perimeter of courts. (First ‘finish’ Coat) • Apply ‘Mapecoat TNS Finish 1 – True Blue’ to the perimeter of courts. (Second ‘finish’ Coat) • Apply ‘Mapecoat TNS White Lines’ for tennis to courts. • Apply ‘Mapecoat TNS Yellow Lines’ for netball to courts.
Kezdési és záró dátum 2019
Alkalmazás típusa Sportburkolati megoldások, Felület előkészítés
Tulajdonos Tennis and Netball Centre
Vállalkozó neve Turf One Pty Ltd
Beépítést végző cég King of Courts Pty Ltd
Projekt Manager Moonee Valley City Council
MAPEI Koordinálás Nicolas Cheal

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