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Installing and refurbishing bathrooms with Mapei solutions

A complete range of products for all your needs: Mapei offers products characterised by innovative technology and cutting-edge solutions, from waterproofing surfaces to adhesives for bonding various types of material.

Inside every home, whatever its type of use, not only does a bathroom need to live up to our expectations in terms of aesthetics, more importantly it must be functional and hygienic, which means it becomes very important to choose the right materials (floor and wall coverings, adhesives, waterproofing products and paints) when carrying out work in bathrooms.

Whether you are refurbishing a bathroom or shower or installing a completely new one, Mapei has an extensive range of products available characterised by innovative technology and cutting-edge solutions, from waterproofing products for surfaces to adhesives for bonding and installing different types of material.

For example, to level off surfaces by filling depressions and holes we recommend using NIVORAPID ultra-fast setting, thixotropic, cementitious levelling compound, while if you need to render a wall before applying a wall covering or a coloured coating, you may choose to use NIVOPLAN levelling mortar mixed with PLANICRETE latex, which helps it bond more firmly to the substrate and improves its final performance properties.

To waterproof substrates we recommend using MAPELASTIC two-component, cementitious mortar or MAPELASTIC AQUADEFENSE ready-to-use, ultra-quick drying, flexible liquid membrane. All the products mentioned above are available in our Building Products line.

On dry substrates you may apply your floor or wall covering of choice with one of the many adhesives proposed by Mapei and available from the Products for Ceramic Tiles and Stone Material line, depending on individual requirements and the type of material to be bonded: ceramic, stone, large format tiles, glass mosaic, etc.

For instance, you can use KERAFLEX, a high-performance, cementitious adhesive with no vertical slip and extended open  time for ceramic tiles and stone materials.

And from the same line there is also an extensive range of sealants and grouts available, including ULTRACOLOR PLUS high-performance, anti-efflorescence, non irritating quick-setting and drying polymer-modified mortar with DropEffect® and BioBlock® technology for grouting joints from 2 to 20 mm wide, to guarantee that over time guarantee low absorption and effective protection against the formation of mould.


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