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Piazzas, gardens and much more: a panorama of Mapei architectural paving

Stone architectural paving and architectural exposed aggregate concrete paving have become an increasingly popular choice in so many different places and in so many different settings. On the one hand they allow an eye for aesthetics to combine with an artistic spirit, while on the other hand they combine current norms and standards with modern technologies. We have gathered together a collection of some of our projects in various parts of Italy to illustrate how aesthetics can mean not only beauty, but also, and especially, practicality and durability, all in compliance with current norms and standards

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Trieste Promenade, Lignano Sabbiadoro (Italy)

The aim of this complex urban redevelopment project, which had been so firmly desired by the Lignano Sabbiadoro local council, was to combine current norms with the latest technology to create an area open to everybody and designed to last well into the future.

The area worked on during the intervention is around 20 m wide and runs in a straight line for around 1.8 km. The main aim of the new design was to leave the rows of trees and parking spaces intact, by repaving the entire area to highlight a series of focal points and points of visual interest through the use of different paving materials and varying the installation techniques, reinforcing the idea of “bridging the divide” between the town and the sandy shoreline.

The entire area has been reorganised to provide more space for pedestrians and bikes than for vehicles by having a richer array of plants on display (flowerbeds and large planters featuring bushes and flowers), without penalising the flow of traffic, which was achieved by reorganising and rationalising the spaces available for vehicles to help maintain the flow and provide parking areas.



The materials used for the new paving have played a key role on this site. With the aim of combining aesthetics and functionality – and durability in particular – two cutting-edge Mapei technologies have been used: the MAPEI COLOR PAVING® System for the coloured architectural exposed aggregate concrete and the MAPESTONE Line for architectural stone surfaces for vehicle traffic. The latter were made from MAPESTONE TFB CUBE and MAPESTONE PFS2, in compliance with Italian standard UNI 11714-1:2018. The MAPEI COLOR PAVING® System meets the aesthetic requirements specified by the Local Heritage Board by creating an evocative visual effect, thanks to which the sea and the sand seem to become part of the road.

The flexible, tailor-made technology of MAPEI COLOR PAVING® provides the surfaces with a particular finish similar to terrazzo and, therefore, has the ability to meet all the aesthetic requirements of designers without compromising on mechanical performance and exceptional durability.

The MAPESTONE system, on the other hand, guarantees long-term durability for paving exposed to high stresses induced by the constant passage of vehicles. Going into detail, MAPESTONE TFB CUBE is a pre-mixed mortar for architectural stone pavings, suitable for class of exposure XF4 and XS3, with high compressive strength and resistance to de-icing salts, freeze-thaw cycles, and seawater. MAPESTONE PFS 2, on the other hand, is a pre-mixed, high-strength mortar with good resistance to de-icing salts, seawater and freeze-thaw cycles, exposure class XF4 and XS3, for grouting architectural stone paving.


Promenade (1912), Milano Marittima – Italy

The promenade in Milano Marittima, a seaside district in the City of Cervia (Central Italy), has been renovated by creating cycle paths and footpaths out of natural materials and adding rest areas.

The promenade has been re-surfaced with various types of material and now includes areas made from the decorative MAPEI COLOR PAVING® system with a thickness of around 8 cm.

COLOR PAVING ADMIX, a ready-mixed, multi-purpose powder, was used. The surfaces were then treated with MAPEWASH PO, a biodegradable vegetable oil-based surface set retardant with a curing effect.

MAPEWASH PROTEX, a temporary protective gel for substrates, was also used to prevent MAPEWASH PO from being absorbed.

Lastly, a strip of land next to the beach was stabilised with the new product MAPEI COLD PAV 1, a fibre-reinforced powder binder used for the construction of foundation layers and road surfaces with a high working load.



Isabella D’aragona Public Gardens, Bari - Italy

At the beginning of the 16th century the Duchess of Bari, Isabella D’Aragona, managed to calm the hostility of the people of Bari towards the Imperial power represented by the city’s Swabian-Norman castle. The gardens running around the castle were named in her honour.

Extensive redevelopment of the gardens commenced at the beginning of 2017 and, over the next few years, they will become a large park and pedestrian area running around the outside of the castle.

During the works the old asphalt paths were completely replaced with decorative exposed aggregate concrete, using aggregates from local quarries.

The use of sustainable, locally-sourced materials and the system’s ease of installation, cost-effectiveness and low maintenance requirements were the main reasons for choosing Mapei COLOR PAVING® system.

On the side of the road, a 170 m long cycle path was also created using the MAPECOAT TNS FAST TRACK system.



Area in front of the Casino and Palazzo Del Cinema, Venice Lido – Italy

With the construction of the paved area in front of the entire block incorporating the Casino and Palazzo del Cinema, it looks like Venice International Film Festival wants to make an even more concrete display of its artistic renaissance.

The system of choice for the installation, sealing and grouting of the 12,000 m2 of new surface in white, natural stone was the  MAPESTONE System.

MAPESTONE TFB CUBE pre-mixed screed mortar for decorative stone road surfaces was used to install the stone.

The grouting operations were carried out with MAPESTONE PFS2, a pre-mixed mortar with high mechanical properties used for grouting joints.

Sealing of the expansion joints was carried out with MAPESIL LM, a neutral silicone mould-resistant sealant with BioBlock® technology for movements up to 25%.



Piazza Del Mercato And Old Town Centre,  Spoleto – Italy

Emergency maintenance work was recently completed in Spoleto on the underground water, sewage and gas systems in Piazza del Mercato and some streets in the old part of the town.

The renovation work included demolishing the existing road surfaces and replacing them with new ones. To resurface the roads, 144,970 old basalt cubes setts measuring 12 x 12 x 20 cm thick, were removed and then reinstalled using the MAPESTONE system.

The installation bed, with an average thickness of around 10 cm, was formed from MAPESTONE TFB CUBE pre-mixed mortar consisting of special binders and graded aggregates. To guarantee the durability of the work, the specified thickness of the substrate on which the stone surface was installed was 15 cm and it was made from concrete reinforced with synthetic structural fibres.

The joints were grouted with MAPESTONE PFS2 pre-mixed mortar, characterised by its high mechanical properties and its excellent resistance to de-icing salts, seawater and freeze-thaw cycles.



Project data sheet

Yard square and cyclyng tracks
Location Bari, Italy
Subcategory GARDENS
Built in 2017
Opened in 2018
Application supply of resins for flooring and systems for aggregate concrete exposed surfaces
Start and finish date 2017
Application Type Installation of floors, Cementitious & resin flooring systems
Contractor company TERLIZZI SRL
Installer companies TERLIZZI SRL - COCCO SRL
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