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N° 73 - 4/2/2019

The sophisticated floor creations in this luxury hotel were implemented using Mapei products.

#wood #decorative #hotels


N° 69 - 7/11/2018

The CityLife Shopping District, inaugurated in Milan last December, got off on the right foot, also due to the nearby catchment area which includes the more than 5,000 employees of the Allianz and Generali Towers. And in three years’ time, forecasts…

#resilient #tradespaces #seamless #decorative


N° 68 - 6/14/2018

There is documentary evidence showing that, as far back as the 16th century, the Amarelli family from Rossano (Southern Italy) was already harvesting and selling liquorice. In 1731 the family founded their first extra-agricultural facility to…

#seamless #backdrops #decorative

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