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N° 75 - 7/22/2019

A selection of recent renovation, consolidation and refurbishment works in the city.

#wall coatings #masonry #seamless #strengthening #sports


N° 75 - 7/24/2019

An interview with Gianluca D’alessandro, owner of D’alessandro Restauri

#masonry #strengthening #interview


N° 74 - 5/9/2019

Following the earthquake in 2016, the Sanctuary underwent delicate restoration and consolidation work before being handed back to visitors and worshippers on the 24th of December last year.

#support #repair #strengthening


N° 72 - 2/18/2019

After being severely damaged by the earthquake that hit Central Italy two years ago, this cathedral underwent seismic upgrading work.

#historical #strengthening


N° 65 - 11/22/2017

100 years after its inauguration in 1912, the Apollo Theatre was reborn: after being shut down in the 1980'8, this gem could not shine in glamour anymore until the local council issued a tender in 2007 to save it. Mapei was on the spot, giving its…

#strengthening #repair #renovation #substrates #wood

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