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N° 76 - 03/10/2019

One of the largest continuous massive concrete pours in the world to form the foundations of a new hospital in Milan.

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The expert's opinion

N° 76 - 08/10/2019

The American economy (and the construction sector) will continue to grow in 2019, maintaining Mapei’s positive trend.

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N° 76 - 17/10/2019

With its new production line for admixtures and a targeted training and communications plan, Mapei Kft is making the most of opportunities on the Hungarian market.

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N° 75 - 26/06/2019

“Invest to grow”. This has always been Mapei’s corporate policy as Giorgio Squinzi, CEO of the Group, has frequently pointed out. Read more on our editorial.

#theworldofmapei #vision #commitment


N° 75 - 27/06/2019

Q&A with Christophe Jeauneau, General Manager of Mapei France.

#theworldofmapei #vision

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