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N° 81 - 8/26/2020

Durability, urban design, and sustainability to resurface the porphyry roads in the city centre.

#road #historical #citycentres #urbandesign

The expert's opinion

N° 81 - 8/28/2020

Interview with Cristina Croppo, Head of the Mobility Department for Udine City Council, and Head of Works for the Redevelopment of Via Aquileia.

#road #urbandesign #citycentres


N° 76 - 9/5/2019

Landscape+functionality+durability for this redevelopment and refurbishment project.

#citycentres #urbandesign #waterfront


N° 72 - 1/28/2019

Aesthetic quality with high mechanical properties and durability: a few projects confirming mapei’s experience in this sector.

#sports #citycentres #urbandesign


N° 72 - 3/6/2019

Work started this year on the conservative restoration of this monument dedicated to the soldiers who fell in the Great War.

#urbandesign #mixdesign #historical

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