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N° 167 - 11/23/2021

Reliable, high tech products ensure a safe plunge into the deepest pool in the world and in nearby underwater spaces.

#expo #waterproofing #polyglass #ceramics


N° 87 - 8/27/2021

Mapeproof FBT: a highly effective barrier against groundwater, moisture and radon gas.

#waterproofing #insights

Product Spotlight

N° 87 - 8/26/2021

From the foundations to the roof: all Mapei waterproofing solutions to protect your home.


The expert's opinion

N° 84 - 3/10/2021

Mapei offers a wide range of solutions for waterproofing operations.

#waterproofing #insights


N° 83 - 2/22/2021

Thermal insulation for a luxurious residential complex in Lisbon designed by Renzo Piano.

#waterproofing #wall coatings #insulation

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