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Hotel Moments in Budapest

In the capital city of Hungary an historical building has been restored to its original splendour thanks also to the most advanced systems for installing ceramic tiles.

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Located in the heart of Budapest, Hotel Moments is one of the most important and most successful hotel renovation projects completed in the Hungarian capital in recent years. The architectural solutions adopted during the renovation of this building – built between 1880 and 1882 according to a design by the architect Adolf Feszty – are also an example of the professionalism and competitiveness of the Hungarian construction sector. And there really were numerous Mapei solutions used to both lay wall and floor coverings and install tiles.

In the basement of the building, where the dedicated wellness areas, the kitchen and various service rooms are located, the walls were covered with glass mosaics and ceramic tiles, while porcelain tiles were installed on the floor. Wherever the surface of the floors needed to be levelled, the solution adopted was ULTRAPLAN ECO 20 rapid hydrating self-levelling compound. To repair the concrete in the basement wellness area, the surfaces were initially treated with PRIMER G and then a layer of PLANITOP 400 fast-setting mortar was applied. Some of the reinforced cement and brick walls were repaired with NIVOPLAN, indoor and outdoor levelling mortar for walls and ceilings. The wellness area was then waterproofed with MAPELASTIC cementitious mortar in combination with MAPEBAND, rubber tape with alkali-resistant fabric. Also in the wellness area, 60x60 cm porcelain tiles were bonded on the walls and floors with KERAFLEX MAXI S1, high-performance, cementitious adhesive with no vertical slip and LowDust technology, particularly recommended for bonding large porcelain and natural stone tiles and grouted with KERACOLOR FF FLEX, flexible cement-based grout with DropEffect, for joints from 2 to 6 mm.


The expansion joints were sealed with MAPESIL AC, pure, mould-resistant, acetic silicone sealant, which has been used for the rest of the building as well.

ADESILEX P10, high-performance, white cementitious adhesive,  was chosen to bond glass mosaic, while KERACOLOR FF FLEX was used again for the grout lines.

The MAPELASTIC-MAPEBAND system was also used to waterproof the kitchen in the basement.

All the surfaces on the ground floor were initially consolidated with PRIMER G and then levelled with ULTRAPLAN ECO 20, except for the indoor entrance door area where, due to the continuous indoor-outdoor temperature variations,  the solution chosen to level the surfaces was PLANEX, a specific self-levelling product for external areas, which is also available on the Hungarian market. In this area, and also in the corridors, 30x30 cm ceramic tiles were installed with ADESILEX P9 and grouted with KERACOLOR FF FLEX.

In the kitchen on the ground floor, the tried and trusted combination of MAPELASTIC and MAPEBAND was used to waterproof the surfaces and the wall and floor tiles were bonded with ADESILEX P9 and grouted with KERACOLOR FF FLEX.

For the floors in the corridors, the atriums around the lifts, on the staircases and in the service rooms, various products were used to prepare surfaces and install porcelain tiles: PRIMER G, ULTRAPLAN ECO 20, ADESILEX P9, KERACOLOR FF FLEX and MAPESIL AC.

All the damp areas were waterproofed with MAPELASTIC AQUADEFENSE, ready-to-use, ultra quick-drying, flexible liquid membrane, suitable for waterproofing internal and external surfaces, in combination with MAPEBAND PE 120 PVC tape.

Project data sheet

Yard hotel restoration
Location Budapest, Hungary
Subcategory HOTEL/INN
Built in 1880
Opened in 1882
Application supplying products for waterproofing and laying wall and floor coverings and for the installation of ceramic tiles and for bonding glass mosaics. Products for repairing, consolidating, priming and leveling basements and ground floor surfaces.
Start and finish date 2015
Application Type Installation of floor and wall coverings
Client Continental Group
Contractor company Market Építő Zrt.
Installer companies Ratskó-Bau LLC
Designers (for works) Archi-Kon LLC
Project Manager Csaba Nagy
MAPEI Coordination Gergely Garay, László Nagy (Mapei Kft.)

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