Superplasticizer for ready mix concrete with high reduction of mixing water

Where to use
Thanks to its special, innovative formulation, Dynamon Q10 is an efficient agent used to disperse cement particles, so that the amount of water required for mixing is considerably reduced. Compared with normal concrete without an admixture, Dynamon Q10 may be used to design concrete mixes with more than 20% less water, a long workability time during the summer, and negligible loss in workability while being transported and unloaded on site.
Dynamon Q10 is particularly suitable for the following:
• the production of high quality, ready-mixed concrete which complies with the prescriptions contained in the EN 206 Standards;
• the production of high and very high strength concrete with a consistency class of S4-S5 and SCC (Self Compacting Concrete);
• the production of shotcrete.

Dosage by volume:
from 0.5 to 1.5 l per 100 kg of cement.

Supplied in bulk quantities, in 200 l drums and 1,000 l tanks.

DYNAMON Q10 is part of the lines:

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