Culture and sport, two worlds united by their quest for excellence

For us, passion and a commitment to continuous improvement are fundamental principles that we acknowledge are also the foundation stones of culture and sport.

This is why we promote and support events and important cultural institutions by supplying our expertise and instruments for the renovation and development of artistic and monumental complexes.

With our products we have helped restore the Petruzzelli Theatre in Bari, the San Carlo Theatre in Naples, the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York, the Peggy Guggenheim Collection in Venice, the “Antonio Salinas” Museum of Archaeology in Palermo, as well as many other projects in Italy and around the world.

As far as sport is concerned, "Never stop pedalling" is the metaphor which Giorgio Squinzi, CEO of Mapei, often uses to describe his approach to life and work. The passion for cycling is in the family’s DNA, which has been passed on to Giorgio by his father Rodolfo, the founder of Mapei.
Over the years, apart from continuing our activities in the cycling sector, we have extended our areas of interest to dedicate ourselves to other sports such as soccer, basketball, running, golf, alpine skiing and motor sports, always maintaining the same objectives.
In 1996 we founded Mapei Sport, a research centre of excellence that operates in the sports sector, carrying out scientific research and providing assistance for athletes to help improve their performance.

Milan and La Scala Theatre

Our heart has a bond with Milan and with the La Scala Theatre in particular. In 1984 we became a Corporate Sponsor for the first time. In 2008 we became a Founder Member and, in 2016, Giorgio Squinzi joined the Board of Directors.

Before taking on the role of CEO and Artistic Director I had already heard about Giorgio Squinzi’s dedication to the Theatre. With time, I have had the opportunity to see at first hand his passion and breadth of knowledge. With him, the La Scala Theatre has acquired an invaluable figure

Alexander Pereira, CEO and Artistic Director of the La Scala Theatre

National Academy of Santa Cecilia

Since 2009 we have been supporting the National Academy of Santa Cecilia, one of the most ancient music institutions in the world with an extremely rich historical heritage, a reflection of its multi-century history. A collaboration that strengthens our bond with the world of great music. Choosing to join the Foundation seals a bond that, over the years, has become a relationship of constant collaboration. Being close to the Academy has given us the opportunity to share the musical season with an increasing number of clients, offering them the chance to be a part of special musical evenings where they can strengthen and deepen their relationship of collaboration.


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Sassuolo, a European reality

In just ten years the team has gone from Serie C to the Europa League. An unparalleled success thanks to the amount of work carried out with skill, professionalism and enthusiasm. But apart from the team there is also the stadium.

The Mapei Stadium in Reggio Emilia has been the subject of intense upgrading and development work and, not only does it now meet the standards imposed by the Serie A Football League and UEFA, but thanks to the “Open stadium – no more barriers” project, it has become a symbol for violence-free football, with no barriers between the fans and the pitch and a fitting place for children and families.

Cycling: an unshakable bond

From 1993 until 2002, we sponsored one of the top teams, credited with 654 victories, including 4 World Road Cycling Championships, 4 individual World Championships, one Giro d’Italia, one Vuelta and 5 Team World Cups. Successes that took the team to the top of all the international rankings. Over the following years we have supported youth teams and sponsored races such as the Road World Championships. Giorgio Squinzi received the Vincenzo Torriani Prize in 2016, a prestigious award in honour of the most popular organiser of cycling events, reaffirming how strongly Mapei believes in this sport.

UCI WRC 2017 Bergen:
MAPEIs passion for cycling in G. Squinzis

Triple interview with Giorgio Squinzi, Trond Hagerud and Cyrille Jacobsen about the 2017 UCI Road World Championships in Bergen (Norway). Mapei is the event’s main sponsor and took part in the event together with its customers, so that it could share the company’s enduring passion for cycling.

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