December 15, 2021. 4:23 AM

Quick renovation for tiling works

Why do we need Fast setting systems? There are various situations whereby fast setting systems are required at job sites.  One of the reasons could be that commercial projects require quick…

October 23, 2021. 6:01 AM

Types of Grouts for Tile & Stone works

Tile grout used in most construction is typically cement-based.  Proprietary Cementitious grout are made from a blend of cement, polymer, additive, pigment, fine-graded aggregates and mixed with…

August 4, 2021. 6:40 AM

Tips for installing large format and thin tiles | Mapei Viet Nam

What is considered as Large format and slim tile? Large format tiles are those with at least one side greater than 60cm in length.  They come in various sizes and thicknesses, with some formats…

January 13, 2021. 3:26 AM

Types of waterproofing membranes for roof gardens | Mapei Viet Nam

In cities, we are seeing more roofs being transformed into multi-functional spaces to accommodate roof gardens and urban farming. This could possibly be attributed to the increasingly widespread…

November 17, 2020. 8:08 AM

Tips to prevent efflorescence during tile and stone installation

Have you ever noticed white deposits on the wall and floor surfaces of your tile or stone installations?  This white residue is the result of efflorescence.

August 20, 2020. 6:37 AM

Reasons why tiles buckle

Tile flooring is common and can be found in many residential and commercial settings due to its aesthetic appeal, easy maintenance and wide range of attractive designs and tile types available in the…

August 10, 2020. 6:25 AM

Factors affecting tile adhesion during tile installation

There are various scenarios of improper installation that could result in the debonding of tiles. Below are some factors that can affect adhesion during tile and stone installation.

July 10, 2020. 11:04 AM

Selecting Sealants for Joints

Most concrete structures have joints as part of their design. Joints are necessary to accommodate movements in the concrete units caused by thermal contractions and expansions as well as exposure to…

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