Two-component thixotropic epoxy adhesive for structural bonding.

- Structural reinforcement of beams and pillars by bonding steel or composite material plates to concrete.
- Non-flexible structural bonding of precast concrete elements.
- Sealing large cracks and repairing joint corners in industrial floorings subject to traffic.
- Bonding fibre-reinforced cement slabs and pipes.
- Waterproofing large size joints by bonding PVC strips to concrete.
Color: Part A (grey) Part B (white). Color of mix: Grey.
Consumption: 1.50-1.60 kg/m2 per mm of thickness.
5kg units. (Part A = 3.75kg Part B = 1.25kg).
1kg units. (Part A = 0.75kg Part B = 0.25kg).

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