Two-component, epoxy filling primer.
Primer SN is a two-component, solvent-free epoxy resin-based filling primer. It is used to improve the bonding of epoxy and polyurethane Mapefloor Systems and is used for protecting and coating industrial floors in concrete and cement terrazzo.
Primer SN is characterised by its capacity to penetrate well into the substrate and may also be used on substrates which are slightly damp (maximum humidity level 4%). It is also possible to carry out a preliminary levelling out of surfaces which have a slightly rough finish, by applying a single coat of Primer SN blended with up to a maximum of 50% of Quartz 0.5. If necessary (in the presence of cracking, mixed substrates, such as concrete/ceramic or concrete/natural stone, etc.), the layer may be reinforced using Primer SN with Mesh 320 glass fibre mesh, in order to evenly distribute any stresses generated in the substrate.
Primer SN may also be used instead of Primer G or Mapeprim SP to prime substrates, before applying Ultratop cementitious-based self-levelling mortar when laying wear-resistant industrial and domestic floors.
After mixing the two pre-dosed components which make up Primer SN, apply the product using either a metal trowel or smooth rake onto the substrate which has been correctly prepared. Immediately after application, sprinkle the fresh surface with Quartz 0.5, to guarantee perfect bonding of the successive Mapefloor System resin dressing coats, or with Quartz 1.2, if the floor is to be treated with Ultratop.

0.3-0.6 kg/m2 per coat, according to the absorption and characteristics of the substrate.

20 kg kits:
component A = 16 kg;
component B = 4 kg.

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