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From Realtà Mapei International n° 71 - 11/6/2018

Globetrotting companies are now global businesses

In this new issue, our magazine is devoting plenty of space to the annual Cersaie trade fair in Bologna. The state of the industry, new products and lectures by starchitects, the hotel business and much more.


The image of a globetrotting company is rightly associated with lots of those trailblazing small and medium-size businesses that have widened the horizons of Italian industry, which is now at the very forefront and cutting-edge of the international economy and can boast being Europe’s second-biggest manufacturer after Germany. Many years ago, roaming around the continents with a suitcase in your hand (something which is much more than just an old figure of speech) was, in fact, the first step towards creating examples and models of a global company. Back then Italian ceramics companies blazed a trail and Mapei joined them in this initial process of international growth. Wherever a ceramics company “landed” Mapei was there to help provide the complete system: from the choice of materials for substrate preparation to products for installing ceramic tiles and resilient materials, also offering related training sessions.

Italy continues to set the benchmark for a ceramic tiles industry with worldwide vision: suffice it to say that 85% of overall production is intended for exports. The market has changed and so has taste; style, design and eco-sustainability now make the difference when it comes to beating off increasingly global competition.

In this issue of the magazine, Realtà Mapei International is devoting plenty of space to the annual Cersaie trade fair in Bologna. The state of the industrynew products and lectures by starchitects are just some of the subjects featured in the articles about Cersaie.

The hotel business is once again booming with a revival in investment and the redevelopment of facilities: Realtà Mapei International presents a wide range of Mapei solutions for the hospitality industry.

Another chapter focuses on Spain, where Mapei has recently taken over Tecnopol to strengthen its operations in a country where it is involved in such prestigious enterprises, such as the renovation of the Sagrada Familia Basilica in Barcelona and the construction of the Botín Centre in Santander designed by Renzo Piano.

As usual, the UCI Road World Championships were held at the end of September. The Mapei brand was again in the spotlight as the Main Sponsor of the races held in Innsbruck, Austria, featuring all the stars of world cycling.

These are just some of the topics examined in this issue of Realtà Mapei International.

Enjoy your reading!

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