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N° 87 - 8/30/2021

From the panoramic terrace to a showroom: a portfolio of works using innovative installation materials.

#portfolio #ceramics


N° 87 - 8/30/2021

Design, sustainability and innovative materials are the guidelines underscoring building work in wine production plants. Mapei’s contributions to an industry growing on a global scale.

#industrial #ceramics


N° 85 - 5/26/2021

In the largest shopping center in the capital, Mapei supplied products suitable for areas with high pedestrian traffic.

#commercial facilities #ceramics

The expert's opinion

N° 83 - 2/22/2021

Mapei epoxy grouts help keep joints hygienic and safe.

#ceramics #insights


N° 80 - 6/9/2020

A new retail hub now connects three of the four airport terminals together and includes hotels, a shopping centre and a garden with a 40 m high waterfall.

#infrastructures #ceramics

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