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75 years of Mapei
1937 - 2012: Mapei celebrates its 75th anniversary
Amongst all the birthdays, anniversaries and important dates which have made a mark on my life, this one is, without a doubt, one of the most significant. It is a special moment and offers me the chance to reflect; not only on my own personal and professional life and look back along the road that has led me here, but all above to consider it as a stimulus to look ahead with faith and to map out the future.

That's how it has always been for me and how it has always been for Mapei, founded on the 12th of February at the gates of Milan from an intuition of my father, Rodolfo. From being just a small family concern, it has gone through phases of constant growth which have led it to become the multinational company it is today, operating all over the world and in which, for quite some time, the third generation of our family is now working.

Today, Mapei is a world-leading Company in the production of adhesives and chemical products for the building industry, with a consolidated presence in the five continents. It is a success story which makes me feel particularly proud, and which deserves to be shared, as one often does on such festive occasions, with all those who, over the years, have had the chance to know and work with Mapei.

They are the numerous clients, employees, suppliers, collaborators and friends who, over the years, have in some way become a part of the world of Mapei and who have chosen to work and grow with us. And it is thanks to their contribution that, in spite of the widespread crisis in a number of industrial sectors, and its global impact on an increasingly large percentage of the world's population, Mapei is holding firm and the growth of the Company continues.
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