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Mapei’s strategy of internationalisation is based on two main objectives: being closer to local needs and the lowest transport costs possible. With the declared objective of being close to buyers and clients, the indisputable strength of Mapei in the five continents is to never disregard the requirements of each single country, and to use only locally-based managers and qualified personnel, without changing the approach of the Company.

The Company currently has 81 subsidiary companies, 18 main Research & Development Centres, of which 1 corporate, and 70 production facilities operating in 32 countries, each with its own quality control laboratory. Important figures which outline the success of a process which started in the 1970’s, and has never stopped since. In the last 10 years alone, between start-ups and acquisitions, 20 new subsidiary companies have joined the Group.

Amongst these facilities, most of them manufacture finished products, while others manufacture strategic raw materials for the Group which are then used to manufacture finished products: for example, VA.GA. manufactures selected silica sand, Gorka Cement manufactures aluminous cement, Vinavil manufactures acrylic and vinyl acetate polymers and Rasco Bitumentechnik manufactures bituminous products.

The Company’s constant internationalisation is directly connected to the growth in revenue over the last 20 years. In 1990, revenue was 150 billion Lire, while in 2001 the total aggregate revenue had grown to 725 million Euros, 57% of which on overseas markets.
And in 2015, the total revenue was more than 2.6 billion Euros.
The number of employees has also increased considerably: at the beginning of the 1990’s there were just over 500, while today there are more than 9,000, of which 12% dedicated to research activities.
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