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commitment to the environment
Palms Mall Column Confinement
Aotea Square
McLaren Showroom
Pahoia Lodge
University of Auckland Political Studies Buildings
Eden Park
Auckland Art Gallery
Chapel of Faith
Rosedale Tunnel
Hilton Hotel
Christchurch International  Airport
The Base Shopping Centre
Chapman Hall
Tepid Baths
Ohoka Underpass
Cinema - 235 Broadway Newmarket
Grafton Bridge
University of Canterbury - Law building
Manapouri Lake Control Structure Repair
Cedenco Foods
Palms Mall Column Confinement
Focus on
Products for Ceramics and Stone Materials
Products for Resilient,Textile Materials and Sports Flooring
Products for Acoustic Insulations
Cementitious and Resin Floor Coverings
Products for building
Products for wooden flooring
Admixtures for concrete
Products for structural strengthening
Products for masonry restoration
Products for thermal insulation
Wall protective and decorative coatings
Products for waterproofing
Products for underground construction (UTT)
Elastic sealants and adhesives
Cement additives (C-ADD)
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