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What are cookies?
Cookies are lines of text used to perform automatic authentication, session tracking and storing information on specific users who access a website or, in the case of purchases via the Internet, the content of their "shopping carts".

In detail, cookies are text strings of small size sent from a server to the User's browser and then sent back to the server (without change) every time the user accesses the same portion of the same web domain.
Why do we use cookies?
Cookies are used to improve the browsing experience:
  • they store settings in order not to force you to re-enter them every time you visit a new page;
  • measuring your use of the website to ensure that it meets your needs.
Our cookies are not used to identify you personally. Their use is aimed at improving the functioning of the site for you: you can, in fact, manage and / or delete them as you wish.
How we use cookies?
Below is the information needed to identify cookies installed, their function and their duration on your device. 
Cookie NamePurposeFirst part / Third partDurationOther information
Mapei ITcookie settingsFirst2 years - persistent
TSNGUIDtechnicalThird1 year - persistent
__utmaanalyticalThird2 years - persistent
__utmzanalyticalThird6 months - persistent
_gaanalyticalThird2 years - persistent
_gat_UA-19637883-1analyticalThird1 day - session
_gidanalyticalThird1 day - session
ajs_anonymous_idtechnicalThird1 year - persistent
ajs_group_idtechnicalThird1 year - persistent
ajs_user_idtechnicalThird1 year - persistent
cookie_conferma_cookiecookie settingsFirst10 days - session
intercom-lou-cyym0u3itechnicalThird1 year - persistent
login_idle_session_timeouttechnicalThird1 year - persistent
login_service_login_newrelic_com_tokenstechnicalThird20 years - persistent
portalNavigationtechnicalFirst1 day - session
sf-data-intell-subjecttechnicalFirst1 year - persistent
sf-trckngckietechnicalFirst6 months - persistent
sf_sitetechnicalFirst2 years - persistent

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