Version: 12 / 01 / 2021 


1. Conditions of return

MBP (NZ) LIMITED is committed to providing a high level of quality in both its product and customer service. This includes enabling customers to return products that are surplus to requirements or purchased in error. To manage this effectively MBP (NZ) LIMITED strictly enforces the following Return of Goods Policy.


MBP (NZ) LIMITED may refund money on goods returned when,


1.1   approval by a MBP (NZ) LIMITED company representative has been given and,

1.2   the goods have been paid in full, and,

1.3   any goods considered for return are unopened, undamaged, in original condition and purchased within two months of the return date,

1.4   any products supplied in kits (e.g. part A, part B or part C) must be returned as complete kits.



2. Return procedure (over ordered product or incorrect product purchased)

2.1   Approval to return the goods should be received from an MBP (NZ) LIMITED representative.

2.2   Once approved the goods should be returned to MBP (NZ) LIMITED by the customer. The freight cost is payable by the person/company returning the goods. Goods must be returned to the place of purchase.

2.3   A 15% restocking fee, with a minimum charge of $60.00 per product, will be charged for all returns.

2.4   If the products are returned within 10 working days of delivery or collection the above re-stocking fee will be waived.

2.5   Goods to be returned must be accompanied by the original purchase receipt or invoice.


3. Product quality issues

3.1   Where incorrect product has been delivered or product is allegedly damaged on receipt by the customer, claims must be made within 3 working days of delivery or receipt.

3.2   Where a quality problem is suspected, a sample must be returned to MBP (NZ) LIMITED for analysis prior to the return of the goods. MBP (NZ) LIMITED will evaluate the sample and at its sole discretion determine whether a claim is valid and if so, whether a refund (by credit to the customer account) or product replacement is required.

4. Special and indent orders

4.1   Where customers have been supplied indent orders for non-stock items or non-standard colours then MBP (NZ) LIMITED will not accept any product returns other than for genuine product quality related issues.



5. Legislative requirements

5.1   If MBP (NZ) LIMITED accepts the returned goods, a credit for the goods will be issued.

5.2   Where consumer legislation applies to a transaction, the customer will be entitled to a full refund where the goods:

  1. do not meet legislative requirements;
  2. have a basic defect,
  3. are not fit for purpose,
  4. do not match a sample given by MBP (NZ) LIMITED.
  5. do not match the description given by MBP (NZ) LIMITED


This policy is a supplement to our Terms of Trade



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