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Mapei cares about your professional needs, and that's why we provide you with free relevant training events to help you achieve your goals.

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The types of training


Training Course

Insights into specific and dedicated installation and application topics. Training Courses can include practical demonstrations and seminar-type descriptions of Mapei products and their correct use.

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Mapei now offers technical online training to equip professionals in the construction industry. Our courses are delivered through webinars that cover local standards, how Mapei products and systems are used, and why they are the solutions to your project.

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Webinar Recording

View our pre-recorded webinars at your own leisure! Learn about application and installation techniques across the full array of Mapei product line's products.


Mapei Academy is online

Mapei offers a dedicated training offer for online use through technical-professional webinars aimed at professionals, technicians, customers and end consumers. The online training project is structured in a series of meetings aimed at particularly relevant issues in the construction and renovation sector. The courses are free and open to anyone who wants to participate.

Video tutorials

In this section you will find a series of video tutorials which will help you to understand, through practical demonstration examples, how to apply and use select Mapei products.
Mapei Academy offers a series of training activities presented by our Mapei Specialists, to provide the tools and knowledge to our customers so they can become familiar with and learn to use our products to the fullest. This academy was born from the desire to share the wealth of experience that the company has built up during its 85 years of activity. Mapei training is developed through various models of free events, aimed at designers, applicators, retailers, and businesses.

Thousands of events are held in the various Mapei training centers in Australia and around the world. The events, many also with customers and trade associations, always involve expert speakers and are centered on technical and topical issues for the construction and design sector.

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