Epoxy paint for acid-resistant non-toxic coating of concrete surfaces.
Mapecoat I24 is used to coat concrete surfaces designed for contact with food products in wine, oil, confectionery industries, etc.
Mapecoat I24 is especially recommended for coating reservoirs built to contain drinking water.
Mapecoat I24 is a two-component epoxy paint. Prior to use, the components must be thoroughly mixed until complete homogeneity is obtained.
Characterised by a low viscosity, Mapecoat I24 can be applied easily on perfectly clean, solid and dry substrates by brush, roller or spray.
After the completion of the cross-linking, Mapecoat I24 forms a non-toxic protective coating that is waterproof and vapour proof.
400-600 g/m2 per coat depending on the type of substrate.
5 kg and 15 kg kits (A + B).

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