MINERAL FIX by POLYGLASS is a ready-to-use product to be applied on dry surfaces, free of dust and dirt, using a regular paint brush, block brush, roller or spray gun. Being a water-based product, MINERAL FIX must be applied at an ambient temperature higher than 10 °C and, whatever the case, must not be applied when it is about to rain or if there is a chance of dew, fog or frost immediately before or after application. In addition, the product must not be applied with ponding water.

MINERAL FIX should be applied on new membranes in a single coat thinned with 10% water (following the initial natural loss of slate chippings); on weathered membranes with a problem of loose slate, we recommend applying 2 coats to achieve excellent adhesion to the substrate and keep the granules firmly attached: in this case, the first coat should be thinned with 15-20% water to ensure that the product penetrates the substrate thoroughly, while the second coat should be applied once the first has been allowed to dry, either undiluted or thinned with 5-10% water.

Appearance:        Milky liquid
Packaging:          18 kg drums
Product Code:    7260818

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