ADIB Digital Bank

Location icon Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
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Pátio Interior Floors
Local Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Subcategoria BANCO
Construído em 2019
Aberto em 2019
Aplicação Creating an Impression with Mapei - ADIB Digital Bank
The Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank (ADIB) digital banking branch is a monument to the true essence of collaboration. Al Tayer Stocks in partnership with Design Worldwide Partnership (DWP) designed this office which consists of an entire floor covering an area of approximately 4,000 m2. This unique workplace was custom-made to create a vision in transparency of design. Professional and functional spaces that encouraged collaboration and teamwork, whilst also demonstrating the company's forward thinking and innovative attitude, were used as an inspiration for this premise's innovative design and unique space planning. A mixture of open and personal meeting spaces, collaboration hubs, numerous nomadic and community workspaces were all successfully built into the design. Thus establishing a truly efficient work environment. A free and positive ambiance resonates throughout the office space with glass partitions and a mixture of wood parquet and carpets, while a mix of lighting fixtures adds depth to the many halls. What was Mapei’s Role? Mapei supplied various products (including primer, self-levelling and carpet & LVT adhesives) to install flooring for almost all of the office space. Mapei worked on the application of durable and flat & level subfloor for the resilient flooring installers, with special attention given to areas requiring different compressive strengths and thicknesses of self-levelling. PRIMER G contains special synthetic resins in a water dispersion which dry to form a flexible, compact, shiny coating which consolidates the surface and improves the adhesion of smoothing compounds, paint, adhesive for wallpaper, adhesive for tiles, and mortar for renders. The ULTRAPLAN range of self-levelling products provide a flat level solution for high smoothness of finish, long durability, and precise accuracy of thickness. This range contains of: ULTRAPLAN MAXI which is an ultra-fast drying self-levelling compound used in interiors for levelling and smoothing differences ULTRAPLAN ECO 20 is an ultra-fast drying self-levelling compound used in interiors on new or existing substrates where a high resistance to loads is required. ULTRABOND adhesives offer unique installation benefits and guaranteed long term performance. Mapei was the best choice for this project due to its superior product quality, range, performance, and ease of installation.
Datas inicial e final 2019
Tipo de aplicação Pavimentos
Empresa empreiteira ATKINS
Empresas instaladoras HEIMTEX
Arquitetos DWP

Produto usado para o projeto

Primer à base de resinas sintéticas em dispersão aquosa. Tratamento de bases…
Argamassa de regularização autonivelante de hidratação e secagem rápidos. O…
Argamassas de regularização autonivelante de endurecimento ultrarrápido, com…
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