BDA certification for Mapei concrete waterproofing duo

June 17, 2024

Mapei has received BDA Agrément Certification from Kiwa for its concrete waterproofing products - Mapeproof HW N Bentonite waterproofing membrane and Idrostop B25 N Bentonite water-stop.

Mapeproof HW N is a waterproofing bentonite sheet for vertical and horizontal surfaces within underground structures and Idrostop B25 N is used to seal concrete construction joints in these structures. During the BDA assessment process, it was confirmed that Mapeproof HW N provides continuous and fully bonded protection of Grades 1, 2 and 3 in accordance with BS 8102-2022, whilst both Mapeproof HW N and Idrostop B 25 N can satisfy or contribute to satisfying the relevant requirements in relation to NHBC standard Chapter 5.1 substructure and ground bearing floors and Chapter 5.4 waterproofing of basements and other below ground structures.

Both products can be used either separately or together to provide waterproofing of below ground structures and water retaining structures

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