High quality pearlescent mica-based powdered pigment to be mixed with Kerapoxy Easy Design

Powder pigment based on very high-quality pearlescent mica, to be mixed with Kerapoxy Easy Design to create a metallic effect


  • Wider range of colours
  • Special decorative effects
  • Metallic effect grout

Where to use:

Add 3% by weight of Mapecolor Metallic to Kerapoxy Easy Design to prepare grout mortars with a metallic effect, particularly suitable for grouting metallic tiles, ceramic tiles with a metallic effect, glass and ceramic mosaic and glass tiles.

Always carry out preliminary tests before grouting stone materials, polished porcelain, or in the presence of porous or rough surfaces.


It is recommended not to use an amount of Mapecolor Metallic higher than that indicated so that the workability of the grout/mortar is not affected. Do not use Mapecolor Metallic in swimming pools or in continuous immersion in water.

Given that Mapecolor Metallic is extremely fine and volatile, it is recommended to use and mix the product in exterior, in an area protected from draughts. Interior use may cause the product dispersion in the environment and its deposit on the surfaces.

Packaging: Mapecolor Metallic is supplied in 90 g sachets (equal to 3% by weight of a 3 kg drum of Kerapoxy Easy Design).

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