Three component epoxy-cement based special primer. Can be used on absorbent and non-absorbent substrates. Can be used on damp substrates and those with high residual moisture. Apply two coats and blind the second coat with 0.5mm quartz before applying tile adhesive or levelling compound.

Where to use:

Triblock P is used as a waterproofing treatment for damp substrates, and especially:

  • Old ceramic or terrazzo floor dressings on substrates with excessive residual humidity;

  • Highly-compact cementitious substrates with a residual humidity content higher than the level recommended for laying wooden, resilient and resin floors;

  • Treating damp concrete surfaces before applying protective and anti-corrosion epoxy products, or polyurethane

  • Dressing systems which are impermeable to water vapour;

  • Dressing concrete channels, drains and pipe-work;

  • And by adding 0.25 Quartz o 0.5 Quartz sand at a ratio of 1 : 0.5 for smoothing over uneven surfaces.

Packaging: 5 kg kits (A + B + C): component A: 0.6 kg; component B: 1.9 kg; component C: 2.5 kg.

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